Li-Polymer Battery – Shaped

Key Features:

  1. High operating voltage of 3.7V and energy density
  2. High discharge rate for more powerful devices
  3. Lithium-ion polymer batteries are of outstanding discharge rate, sufficient to power a hard disk, a video camera’s motor and other devices
  4. Stable discharge under various environmental temperature conditions
  5. Lithium-ion polymer batteries provide stable discharge within a wide range of temperatures, from –20℃ to +60℃
  6. Superior storage characteristics
  7. The self-discharge rate of Lithium-ion polymer battery is about 3% per month when stored at room temperature
  8. Excellent cost performance and long cycle life
  9. Superior recharging properties ensure a service life up to 500-800 cycles under normal usage conditions
  10. Environmentally friendly
  11. Highest drain to cycle life performance ratio
  12. Lowest IR to capacity ratio
  13. Smallest size to capacity ratio
  14. 4.2V- 4.4 V charging
  15. 1-20C charge / 1-60C discharge rates  with 300-500 cycle life
  16. Many shapes & sizes: Curved, Round, T shaped,  C shaped, Donut
  17. Very small battery cells:
    • 6.5mm wide
    • 0.4mm height

We can build any size to meet your requirements. Below are a list of our standard sizes.  

P/N Capacity/mAh Voltage Shape Size Radian
ABI-200819 18 4.35V Flat 2.0(H)*08(W)*19(L)mm
ABI-160628 20 4.35V Curve 4.6(H)*06(W)*28(L)mm R8.75~R11.25
ABI-201021 22 4.2V Flat 2.0(H)*10(W)*21(L)mm
ABI-282421 32 4.2V Fan shape 2.0(H)*08(W)*19(L)mm
ABI-340819 34 4.35V Flat 3.4(H)*08(W)*19(L)mm
ABI-272421 35 4.2V Fan shape
ABI-250830 42 4.2V Curve 2.0(H)*08(W)*19(L)mm R52
ABI-280848 65 4.2V Curve 2.8(H)*08(W)*48(L)mm R16.6
ABI-351229 85 4.2V Curve 3.5(H)*12(W)*29(L)mm R38
ABI-311331 90 4.2V Curve 3.1(H)*12(W)*29(L)mm R82
ABI-351229 95 4.35V Curve 3.5(H)*12(W)*29(L)mm R38
ABI-402220 120 4.2V Hexagon
ABI-400942 125 4.2V Curve 4.0(H)*09(W)*42(L)mm R74
ABI-253027 135 4.2V Circular  shape 2.5(H)*30(W)*27(L)mm
ABI-253027 145 4.35V Circular  shape 2.5(H)*30(W)*27(L)mm
ABI-303027 170 4.2V Circular  shape 3.0(H)*03(W)*27(L)mm
ABI-581147 200 4.2V Flat 5.8(H)*11(W)*47(L)mm
ABI-353027 210 4.2V Circular  shape 3.5(H)*30(W)*27(L)mm
ABI-363027 225 4.35V Circular  shape 3.5(H)*30(W)*27(L)mm
ABI-402425 225 4.35V Curve 4.0(H)*24(W)*25(L)mm
ABI-381447 235 4.35V Curve 3.8(H)*14(W)*47(L)mm R30.8
ABI-401740 255 4.2V Curve 40(H)*17(W)*40(L)mm R40.5
ABI-473027 330 4.35V Circular  shape 4.7(H)*30(W)*27(L)mm
ABI-403033 375 4.35V Similar Circular 4.0(H)*30(W)*33(L)mm
ABI-382438 400 4.35V Curve 3.8(H)*24(W)*38(L)mm R25
ABI-653027 430 4.35V Circular  shape 6.5(H)*30(W)*27(L)mm
ABI-443535 450 4.2V Circular  shape 4.4(H)*35(W)*35(L)mm
ABI-453535 475 4.35V Circular  shape 4.5(H)*35(W)*35(L)mm
ABI-463535 480 4.35V Circular  shape 4.6(H)*35(W)*35(L)mm
ABI-553535 580 4.2V Circular  shape 5.5(H)*35W)*35(L)mm
ABI-603533 630 4.2V Circular  shape 6.0(H)*35W)*35(L)mm
ABI-603533 650 4.35V Circular  shape 6.0(H)*35W)*35(L)mm
ABI-653929 665 4.4V Circular  shape 6.5(H)*39(W)*39(L)mm
ABI-872531 730 4.35V Irregular shape 8.7(H)*25(W)*31(L)mm
ABI-704230 835 4.2V D shape 7.0(H)*42(W)*30(L)mm
ABI-755040 1500 4.2V Circular  shape 7.5(H)*50(W)*40(L)mm
ABI-546248 1750 4.35V Hexagon 5.4(H)*62(W)*48(L)mm

The parameters on this page  are only for reference. For more information, please consult Alium Batteries.