Battery Backup Solutions for Critical Power Applications

Reliably powering IT Equipment in an interconnected, data-dependent world requires more than just current and voltage. It takes a deep understanding of system performance needs from installation to end-of-life. Supporting small office to data center environments, cloud processing, Internet of Things, and industrial applications, Alium Batteries offers comprehensive expertise that ensures your critical power systems are reliable and efficient.

Decades of industry knowledge and engineering expertise makes us an exceptional partner for designing and manufacturing battery and power systems for critical applications which often are required to operate within wide temperature ranges and maintain long-life expectancies (5+ years).

Li-Ion Battery Applications include:

  • Onboard Data Storage Backup
  • Onboard Server Backup
  • Onboard Network Backup
  • UPS Backup Power
  • Telecom System Backup
  • Energy Storage Modular Solutions

Alium Batteries is the preferred partner of the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of Critical Power and Backup Solutions.

  • 30 years of industry experience designing & manufacturing battery packs, chargers and powers supplies for consumer applications
  • Broad market/application experience – technical innovations we’ve developed for the other sectors make their way into mainstream consumer applications, giving you the additional benefit of our IP.
  • Expansive global footprint with localized operations & support
  • Flexible supply-chain and logistics expertise
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities save time and costs
  • In-house design, tooling & testing capabilities
  • Quality & regulatory testing to ensure faster compliance
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