Custom battery packs manufactured for safety, reliability & optimization

With 30 years of experience and thousands of custom battery designs, we are  qualified to design the highest quality battery pack for your application. Working with Alium gives you benefits no other partner can match. We’re technology-agnostic, which assures you get the right solution for your specifications — one that’s tested and measured against your exact standards. Our market diversity uniquely positions us to deliver both economy of scale and IP. We can contain your component and production costs, while keeping you on the leading edge with innovations we created to solve niche-market challenges.

Everything Revolves Around Your Success

Our specialists ensure that each battery meets the high performance and safety standards of Alium Batteries as well as specific customer requirements.

custom batteries
custom battery flowchart
custom batteries

The Alium Advantage:

  • Intrinsically safe technologies utilized, including super-capacitors and lithium, lithium-ion, NiMH, NiCad, solid- state, and sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Small to medium/large format expertise; range of sizes (3-500V; 10W-15+kW) and shapes (round, flat, square and custom)
  • In-house mechanical design capabilities for a customized plastic or metal housing with high-tech polymer foam protection
  • In-house electrical design for smart battery technology, custom circuit design, and printed circuit board layout and assembly
  • Software engineering technology for firmware and communication with the host device
  • Comprehensive testing performed to meet a wide variety of certifications and agency approvals to ensure safety and reliability
  • Class 9 shipping expertise