Energy Systems for Battery-Powered recreational, Industrial & Commercial Vehicles

Boasting thirty years of experience in the field, Alium Batteries has built a reservoir of proficiency that aids clients in embracing innovative battery technologies. The rechargeable battery market has recently seen a substantial pivot towards Li-ion solutions, a shift that has given rise to increased demand across new sectors. Alium Batteries is now collaborating with a fresh wave of clients from industries such as material handling, automated guided vehicles, aerial work platforms, among others. Our focus is to aid them in transitioning from lead-acid battery systems to Li-ion solutions or fully electrifying their products with electric drivetrains. We have worked on a variety of industrial and commercial vehicle applications including:

  • Off-road Utility Vehicles
  • Burden Carrier / Tow Tractors
  • Low-Speed Electric Vehicles
  • Forklift / Pallet Jacks
  • Aerial Work Platforms
  • And Many More!

Such products often necessitate a robust, modular battery pack structure that can endure diverse outdoor settings and colder climates. Our smart battery management system permits us to study the battery pack and supervise its State of Health (SoH) to enhance runtime efficiency and prolong battery lifespan.

Alium Batteries is the preferred collaborator for top-notch OEMs of industrial and commercial vehicles worldwide:

  • Possessing three decades of industrial experience, Alium Batteries is highly skilled in crafting and manufacturing battery packs, chargers, and power supplies for consumer use.
  • Our expansive market familiarity and application know-how enable us to introduce technical innovations, developed for other sectors, into mainstream consumer applications, offering our clients the advantage of our proprietary technology.
  • We maintain a global footprint with localized support and operations, and our adaptable supply chain and logistics proficiency allow us to meet our client’s unique requirements.
  • Our end-to-end manufacturing capabilities save both time and money, and our internal design, tooling, and testing facilities ensure the delivery of top-quality products.
  • Additionally, we carry out comprehensive quality and regulatory assessments to expedite compliance.