OUR VISION: Shaping the world energy needs thought technology and safety  


The mission of Alium is to maintain a global leadership position in the high technology electronics Energy storage industry.

We will accomplish this through customer satisfaction as measured by  our customers’ expectations for the following:


  • World Class Quality & safety
  • Flexible Manufacturing
  • Product Delivery
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Financial Strength
  • Managerial Integrity


Our culture demands flexibility and focus on the customer. It does more to differentiate us from our competitors than anything that size or number of locations can do.
Brett said that he wants customers to feel as though Alium’s factories are their factories. It’s difficult for us to be totally confident in the ‘factory that we can’t see,’ meaning our Asian battery manufacturer. Alium is proving to us that, in fact, this concept is possible. Thanks for your focus and dedication.